Malice by Heather Walter (Del Rey Books)

What if the villain fell in love with the princess? That is the story Walter tells in this queer retelling of Sleeping Beauty. An incredibly intense fantasy romance you’ll thank for breaking your heart.

- C.B.

Something Wicked by E.X. Ferras (Felony & Mayhem)

OK, it is cozy, but a deftly written cozy set in the winter in an English village. Right up my alley with a retired professor seeking respite from the redecorating of his London digs (wonderfully described) in his nephew’s all-electric cottage. The hot murder mystery contrasts with the ice of the power outage. Something Wicked by E. X. Ferras (Felony & Mayhem) is waiting for those seeking schadenfreude while living in very icy NE Ohio.

- M.W.

Owls of the Eastern Ice by Jonathan C. Slaught (Picador)

A story of a man’s 5-year journey to devise a plan to save the world’s most mysterious owls in one of the remotest parts of the world. A fascinating view of nature and the work and life of a scientist doing field research.

- L.Q.