Spaghetti Hunters - Morag Hood (Two Hoots)

This vibrant picture book about a duck and tiny horse on the hunt for spaghetti may inspire kids to get in the kitchen and make their own pasta.

Little Shrew - Akiko Miyakoshi (Kids Can Press)

One cannot help but fall in love with the charming "shrew" that appears in 3 short chapters; great illustrations and great facial expressions on all the critters in this book!

Crayon Adventure - Alberto Lot (Odd Lot)

This activity book is full of unique and imaginative drawing prompts to encourage people of all ages to color outside the lines and would make a great vacation companion.

A Real Lion Story - Krista Legge (Clavis)

A charmingly illustrated picture book about a stuffed lion who dares to adventure out into the wild to live like a real king.

Detective Mole - Camilla Pintonato

Presents a charming tale of a bumbling, want-to-be woodland detective searching for a missing squirrel neighbor; the humor is provided by paint and collage illustrations.  The reader will most likely solve the case before Oscar, the mole, who misses many of the clues strewn throughout the book.  The fun is in figuring it out!