Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

Appletree staff have collected gift suggestions for you to consider for Mother’s Day  2022.

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There Are Moms Way Worse Than You

by Glenn Boozan and Priscilla Witte

For those looking for humor in a serious job

Price: $14.95

Workman Publishing


For the needle worker extraordinaire

Price: $45

Gingko Press

Sweet Paris: Seasonal Recipes from an American Baker in France

By Frank Adrian Barron

For the Francophile

Price: $29.99

Harper Design

Lessons in Chemistry

by Bonnie Garmus

For the admirer of strong women

Price: $29

Doubleday Books

The Honeybee Emeralds

by Amy Tector

For the historical fiction “buff”

Price: $17.99

Keylight Books

Peach Blossom Spring

by Melissa Fu

For the admirer of family sagas

Price: $28

Little Brown and Company

Elizabeth & Margaret: The Intimate World of the Windsor Sisters

by Andrew Morton

For the Anglophile

Price: $18.99

Grand Central Publishing

Around the Board: Boards, Platters, and Plates: Seasonal Cheese and Charcuterie for Year-Round Celebrating

by Emily Delaney

For the casual hostess

Price: $24.99

Alpha Books

Dava Shastri’s Last Day

by Krithana Raymisetti

For those interested in private v. public legacies

Price: $28

Grand Central Publishing

Love & Saffron: A Novel of Friendship, Food, and Love

by Kim Fay

For admirers of lasting female friendship

Price: $24

G.P. Putnam’s Sons

The Picnic: Recipes and Inspiration from Basket to Blanket

by Marnie Hanel, Andrea Slonecker, Jen Stevenson

For “plein air” entertaining

Price: $19.95

Artisan Publishers

Retro, Mid-Fifties Platter


Price: $25


Pocket Mirror


Price $15


Pajama Mamas 100 Piece Puzzle

by Anne Bentley

Price: $16.99


The Cheese Board Deck: 50 Cards for Styling, Spreads, Savory and Sweet

Price: $20

Clarkson Potter Publishers


Marbleized Box

Price: $135


The Nine Lives of Rose Napolitano

by Donna Freitas

For readers interested in motherhood and feminism

Price: $17

Penguin Books

Fifty Place to Practice Yoga Before You Die: Yoga Experts Share the World’s Greatest Destinations

by Chris Santella and Diana Helmuth

For the health and fitness “guru”

Price: $24.99

Abrams Image

The I Hate to Cook Book (50th Anniversary Edition)

by Peg Bracken and Johanna Bracken

A classic, need we say more?

Price: $26

Grand Central Publishing

The Paris Apartment

by Lucy Foley

A new locked room mystery set in a Paris apartment building

Price: $28.99

William Morrow & Company

Zen Artisanal Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Price: $48


Laura Stoddard Linen Tea Towel

Price: $22


Rise and Shine: A Daily Ritual of Yoga, Meditation and Inspiration

Price: $19.99

Hardie Grant Books


Valentine's Day 2022 Gift Guide

Appletree staff have collected gift suggestions for you to consider for Valentine’s Day 2022.

To order one of these items, visit us in the store, email us at or call at 216.791.2665. Your selection can be picked up in the store, or delivered to if you live in the Heights area.

Cavalini Vintage Puzzle – 500 pieces

Price: $16

Cavallini & Co.

Games Room Love and Romance Trivia

Price: $14

Chronicle Books

Valentine Paper Chain Kit

Price: $15


Love Poems for Married People

by John Kenney

Price: $15

G.P. Putnam’s Sons

Love Poems for People with Children

by John Kenney

Price: $15

G.P. Putnam’s Sons

Love Poems for Anxious People

by John Kenney

Price: $15

G.P. Putnam’s Sons

French Love Poems

by Tyman Kogane

Price: $11.95

New Directions Publishing Corporation

The Authenticity Project

by Clare Pooley

Price: $17

Penguin Books

The Last Chance Library

by Freya Sampson

Price: $16

Berkley Books

The Bookshop of Second Chances

by Jackie Fraser

Price: $17

Ballantine Books

How to Love

by Thich Nhat Thich

Price: $9.95

Parallax Press


by Steve Wilson

Price: $7.99

Henry Holt & Company

Maze Book: Follow My Heart (Finger Mazes)

by Roger Priddy

Price $7.99

Priddy Books Us

What Is Love?

by Mac Barnett

Price: $17.99

Chronicle Books

2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Appletree staff have highlighted some favorite gift suggestions for you to consider. As new books arrive daily, these gift selections will change, so check back frequently.

To order a book or several, please view our online store, email us at or call us at 216.791.2665. Your selections can be picked up at the store or delivered if you live in Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights, University Heights, or University Circle. Complimentary gift wrap is also available.

Atlas of Imagined Places: Froom Lilliput to Gotham CIty

Genre: Social Science

Atlas of Imagined Places: From Lilliput to Gotham City by Matt Brown and Rhys Davies


Colorful and well-executed fictional geography and topography of buildings, towns, countries, forests, mountains, rivers, oceans from your favorite books, films, and television shows.

Recommended because:

The information presented is articulate, literate, and artful.

Great gift for:

The reader who has a large library, large CD collection, or multi-channel television.

American Comics: A History

Genre: Arts

American Comics: A History by Jeremy Dauber

Everything you could possibly want to know about the history of cartoons and comics.

Recommended because:

Having encyclopedic knowledge of a “niche” topic is every nerd’s dream.

Great gift for:

The nerd friend you know who loves comic books.

Sense and Sensibility: Illustrations by Marjorie Bastin

Genre: Classics

Sense and Sensibility: Illustrations by Jane Austen, illustrations by Marjorie Bastin


A beautiful new collection of Jane Austen’s first novel.

Recommended because:

Everyone needs to have a classic; so, why not have the newest, most beautiful version possible of this great novel.

Great gift for:

That one Austen lover in your life.

Atlas of Mid-Century Modern Houses

Genre: Architecture

Atlas of Mid-Century Modern Houses by Dominic Bradbury


400 + houses; 290 + architects; 40+ costumes; midcentury-style showcased in a lavishly illustrated and deeply researched quality book.

Recommended because:

Many people love mid-century houses and style.

Great gift for:

Any house hunter, be they professional or a nosey aficionado.

One Snowy Night

Genre: Children

One Snowy Night (Percy the Park Keeper Story) by Nick Butterworth


With a nod to Jan Brett and the author’s earlier “Jolly Postman,” Nick Butterworth’s “One Snowy Night” will delight young readers with the animal slumber party with Percy the Park Keeper.

Recommended because:

The illustrations are charming and present the animals with distinctive personalities and expressions.

Great gift for:

Children ages 2-10

The New York City Travel Guide

Genre: Travel

The New York City Travel Guide


A guidebook that helps you explore New York City in all its complexity and multi-dimensional neighborhoods.

Recommended because:

Good small size, helpful information, well organized with maps.

Great gift for:

Traveler or armchair traveler

Gothic: An Illustrated History

Genre: Art and Literary Criticism

Gothic: An Illustrated History by Roger Luckhurst


A colorful and well-researched history of “Gothic” style in architecture, literature, and religion.

Recommended because:

It is a thorough and extensive presentation of a stylistic trend in the humanities.

Great gift for:

Sci Fi and Fantasy lovers as well as architectural historians.

The Eco-Christmas Craft Book

Genre: Craft

The Eco-Christmas Craft Book: 30 Stylish Festive Projects that Won’t Hurt the Planet by Marianne Miall


A good craft boo to make Christmas special and “eco-friendly.”

Recommended because:

Offers inspirational photography and easy-to-understand instructions so anyone can create professional-looking decorations.

Great gift for:

The crafter, recycler, and nature lover.

Sapiens: A Graphic History

Genre: Graphic Novels

Sapiens: A Graphic History: The Birth of Humankind (Vol. 1 and 2) by Yuval Noah Harari


Harari explores the biology and history of the creation and evolution of humans.

Recommended because:

The graphics add a fresh take to understanding the origins of humanity and civilization.

Great gift for:

Science lover and curious readers.

The New York Times Cooking No-Recipe Recipes

Genre: Cooking

The New York Times Cooking No-Recipe Recipes by Sam Sifton


This book focuses on the ingredients and the process – “a dah of cayenne,” “a warm oven,” bringing new meaning to and definition of “Bon Appetit.”

Recommended because:

Great photos, easy to follow, no-nonsense recipes.

Great gift for:

foodies, family, the relative who doesn’t cook!

Everyone You Hate is Going to Die

Genre: Humor

Everyone You Hate is Going to Die: And Other Comforting Thoughts on Family, Friends, Sex, Love, and More Things That Will Ruin Your Life by Daniel Sloss


A comedian’s valid and brutal takes on love, friendship, family, and more.

Recommended because:

It is unapologetically brutal and funny and is harsh.

Great gift for:

That one friend in a terrible relationship you know is going to end badly.

The Lincoln Highway

Genre: Fiction

The Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles


The 50’s road trip of two broken brothers explores the meaning of home and family and what truly matters.

Recommended because:

Multi-layered characters are presented amidst period detail by this talented author,

Great gift for:

Literature lover, a fan of Amor Towles, someone born in the 1950s.

Gender Swapped Fairy Tales

Genre: Fairy tales, myths, and legends

Gender Swapped Fairy Tales by Karrie Fransman and Jonathan Plackett


Exactly what the title says: fairy tales, but swap the genders, and let’s see what happens.

Recommended because:

It’s an interesting and fresh take on the classics, with beautiful illustrations.

Great gift for:

The young literature lover and critical thinker.

At the Heights of the Moon

Genre: Children’s Poetry

At the Heights of the Moon: A Book of Bedtime Poetry and Art by Annette Roeder, Alison Baverstock, and Matt Cunningham


A beautiful compendium of bedtime poems accompanied by art reproductions.

Recommended because:

This book presents an opportunity to share beautiful words and pictures with children at bedtime.

Great gift for:

Parents, grandparents, and children

Simply Christmas

Genre: Seasonal

Simply Christmas: A Busy Mom’s Guide to Reclaiming the Peace of the Holidays: A Devotional by Tama Fortner


A seasonally inspired 31 days devotional providing calm amid holiday chaos and clutter.

Recommended because:

It is a small, beautiful book offering inspiration and reflections to make the holidays more manageable.

Great gift for:

Aunt, Mom, Sister, Granny, or anyone who works hard to make Christmas a happy holiday for everyone.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks – Super Easy!

Genre: Cookbooks

The Pioneer Woman Cooks-Super Easy! 120 Shortcut Recopies for Dinner, Deserts, and More by Ree Drummond


Family favorites re-designed to cook faster and easier.

Recommended because:

Ree takes classic favorite family recopies and reminds us why we love them and how we can make them in less time.

Great gift for:

Busy families

Antiquarian Sticker Book: Bibliophilia

Genre: Crafts

Antiquarian Sticker Book: Bibliophilia


A sticker book for the adult book or art lovers.

Recommended because:

Stunning images from different eras relating to books and typography.

Great gift for:

Crafter, scrapbooker, ephemera lover.

Louis Vuitton: Extraordinary Voyages

Genre: Fashion

Louis Vuitton: Extraordinary Voyages by Fancisca Matteoli


Oh, where all those fabulous Louis Vuitton suitcases and trunks have been!

Recommended because:

One of a kind book.

Great gift for:

Travel and design aficionados

The Beer Bible

Genre: Cooking

The Beer Bible by Jeff Alworth


Everything you have ever wanted to know about your favorite beverage in a single book.

Recommended because:

It is graphically interesting and incredibly informative.

Great gift for:

The beer-loving person in your life – Dad, brother, etc.

Egg Marks the Spot

Genre: Children Middle Reader

Egg Marks the Spot (Skunk and Badger 2) by Amy Timberlake and illustrations by Jon Klassen


The adventures of Skunk and Badger, the odd couple, continue.

Recommended because:

A compelling story combined with friendship, adventure, and humor. Starred Kirkus review.

Great gift for:

adventure-seeking kids ages 7-10

John Derian Paper Goods: Wrapping Paper & Gift Tags

Genre: Gift Item

John Derian Paper Goods: Wrapping Paper & Gift Tags

by John Derian, New York designer and tastemaker


Stunning papers useful for wrapping, framing, or crafting.

The Secret of the Magic Pearl

Genre: Children Early Reader

The Secret of the Magic Pearl by Elisa Sabatinelli


An Italian fantasy about a boy who loves the ocean and dreams of diving like his father and grandfather.

Recommended because:

Stunning illustrations and a magical storybook.

Great gift for:

Fantasy and adventure lovers, ages 6-10.

The Lost Apothecary

Genre: Fiction

The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner


Debut novel of two women in different eras (contemporary and 18th century London) seeking vindication, definition, and perhaps forgiveness.

Recommended because:

Well woven parallel stories with sympathetic characters.

Great gift for:

Historical fiction lovers and feminists.

Great Circle

Genre: Adult Fiction

Great Circle by Maggie Shipstead


Historical fiction with a strong female character, an aspiring aviatrix attempting to circumnavigate the globe longitudinally.

Recommended because:

One of a kind characters, persevering against many challenges.

Great gift for:

Female friends looking for an engrossing story.

1984: The Graphic Novel

Genre: Graphic Novel

1984: The Graphic Novel  by George Orwell, adapted and illustrated by Fido Nesti


An incredible graphic adaption of George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel.

Recommended because:

A powerful and timely adaptation of a classic. Sure to be one of the year’s most notable graphic novels.

Great gift for:

Graphic novel lovers; the friend who’s sure that Big Brother is here now or on his way; any lover of dystopian fiction who for some strange reason has not read Orwell.

The Left-Handed Booksellers of London

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

The Left-Handed Booksellers of London by Garth Nix


In an alternative 1980’s London, a young woman searches for the father she’s never met and finds a stranger world than she could have imagined.

Recommended because:

This is a really fun read, with interesting characters, great story, cool magical system, and a big secret revealed.

Great gift for:

Teen or adult who loves urban fantasy and magic.

Gastro Obsurca: A Food Adventurer’s Guide

Genre: Cooking/Adventure

Gastro Obscura: A Food Adventurer’s Guide by Cecily Wong and Dylan Thuras


A fun and educational guide about what and why we humans eat.

Recommended because:

Fascinating information for anyone interested in food and the history of foods around the world.

Great gift for:

Foodies, historians, travelers, adventurers, and the curious.