Crying in H Mart - Michelle Zauner (Knopf)

Michelle Zauner is many things: a musician, a daughter, a Korean-American, and now a writer.  In this stunning memoir, she describes her complicated relationship with her Korean mother and its evolution following her mother’s diagnosis with a rare form of cancer.  With food and love at its core, this memoir is heartbreakingly relatable and certain to leave you desperate for a hug from your mother.



Divine Rivals - Rebecca Ross (Wednesday Books)

Iris is an aspiring newspaper columnist in the midst of a divine war of the gods. Writing letters to her brother on the family typewriter that she never sends, Iris unexpectedly starts receiving replies that unbeknownst to her are from her annoyingly handsome rival at the newspaper. Fun "romantasy" as the reader follows their relationship as it begins to bleed off the page and into the real world.



Doomsday Book - Connie Willis (Del Rey)

One of Willis' classic Oxford time-travel novels set in 14th century England; great!



I Have Some Questions for You - Rebecca Makkai (Penguin)

Lovers of true crime podcasts will not be able to put this book down. Bodie Kane is hired to teach a two-week course at the New Hampshire boarding school she graduated from and she is forced to reconsider the traumatic details of the murder of her former roommate.



The Annotated Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant - Elizabeth D. Samet (Liveright)

"Authoritative, thorough and compulsively readable" according to noted book critic, Michael Dirda. I agree;  mid-19th century American art, literature, politics, society and biography are all used to explain the background to Grant's wonderful narrative. As Dirda says, it is a book "to live in." Wonderful stuff.


Boomtown - A.F. Carter (Mysterious Press)

A wonderful small town detective story about a West Virginia town, Baxter, which encounters troubles with a lawless boomtown that rises nearby to provide entertainment of the employees of the struggling town's Nissan plant; a gritty rural noir with a great detective and great plot; nominated for a 2024 Edgar award.



The House in the Orchard - Elizabeth Brooks (Tin House)

In this atmospheric novel with a light touch of the Gothic, the questions of truth, forgiveness and manipulation are raised by an old diary discovered in Orchard House.


If I Survive You - Jonathan Escoffery (Picador)

An illuminating debut centered around a Jamaican family arriving in Miami in the 1970's. Trelawny, the primary character, despite incredible talent has to fight for everything leading him through a series of stories both sincere and humorous.



Ten North Frederick - John O'Hara (Penquin)

A classic and National Book award winner, a brilliant portrait of mid-century America and its political and social ambitions.


The Berry Pickers - Amanda Peters (Cataput)

This novel tells the story of a man running from his past and a woman trying to make sense of hers; as their stories unfold, we see just how strong familial love can be and the unintended trauma that can come with it.