Dreadful - Caitlin Rozakis (Titan Books)

Don’t let the title fool you, this is anything but dreadful! Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took a dark wizard and gave him amnesia?  Hilarious and heartwarming, this story answers the universal question: what do you do if you are supposed to be evil but actually want to be good?



I Cheerfully Refuse - Leif Enger (Grove Press)

In a very near-future Earth where the effects of global warming and the pandemic have taken their toll, a man lives happily with his bookseller wife in their small town near Lake Superior.  A surprise visitor unknowingly triggers an unlikely odyssey across the lake on a small sailboat.  Come for the cozy vibes and interesting cast of characters, stay to find out how the odyssey ends.


Sipsworth - Simon Van Booy (David Godine)

A wry, humane, character-driven story that is also a wonderful meditation on old age and hope.  Quite captivating.



The Last Tale of the Flower Bride - Roshani Chokshi (William Morrow)

This twisty, fairytale-inspired fantasy explores the dark side of love and friendship while leaving you to wonder what’s real and what’s just a story.



A Disappearance in Fiji - Nilima Rao (Soho Crime)

An atmospheric debut mystery set in Fiji (loved the unusual setting!) featuring a 25-year-old Indian police officer investigating a missing persons case in colonial Fiji.  The time period (1914) allows for great historical detail, and the reader is cheering for this intelligent detective to return to Hong Kong and escape the oppressive issues of colonialism.



So We Read On: How the Great Gatsby Came to Be and Why It Endures - Maureen Corrigan (Back Bay)

Here is an astute, articulate well-read critic discussing an American classic.  Who knew the history? Who knew the intricate structure of Gatsby? Who knew the wonderful Gatsby universe of readers?  This book is a treasure.



River Kings: A New History of the Vikings from Scandinavia to the Silk Roads - Cat Jarman (Peagasus)

The discovery of a carnelian bead at a Viking archaeological site in England is the impetus for bioarcheologist Catrine Jarman to explain how a bead from India ended up in England during the Viking era.  Part mystery and part adventure story, Jarman shares how cutting-edge archeology is fostering our understanding of the Vikings--how they lived, where they traveled and their impact on the local people they encountered.  A thrilling read and one to appeal to history lovers.



How to Protect Bookstores and Why: the Present and Future of Bookselling - Danny Caine (Microcosm)

The author who currently works here in Cleveland for Literary Cleveland highlights the critical role bookstores play in our communities, acting as local retail district anchors, community gathering places, and sources of new ideas and inspiration.




The Lioness of Boston - Emily Franklin (David Godine)

A well-researched historical fiction novel about Isabella Stewart Gardner; the author does an outstanding job of delving into the psyche of this “out of the box” Boston collector who defies societal expectations and has a profound and lasting effect on early 20th century Boston.




Adventures of Ellery Queen - Ellery Queen (Penzler)

This is a perfect introduction to the 1930s American puzzle mystery with 11 gems of ingenious plots, characters, and humor.  Spoiler alert: smoking, alcohol, sex (sort of) stereotypes.