Mackenzie Dienes seems to have it all–a beautiful home, close friends, and a successful career as an elite winemaker with the family winery. There’s just one problem–it’s not her family, it’s her husband’s. In fact, everything in her life is tied to him–his mother is the closest thing to a mom that she’s ever had, their home is on the family compound, his sister is her best friend. So when she and her husband admit their marriage is over, her pain goes beyond heartbreak. She’s on the brink of losing everything. Her job, her home, her friends, and, worst of all, her family.

Staying is an option. She can continue to work at the winery, be friends with her mother-in-law, hug her nieces and nephews–but as an employee, nothing more. Or she can surrender every piece of her heart to build a legacy of her own. If she can dare to let go of the life she thought she wanted, she might discover something even more beautiful waiting for her beneath a painted moon.