The Britannias: An Archipelago's Tale - Alice Albina (Norton)

This autobiography, travelogue, history, geography, and feminist fantasy explores the storied British islands from Orkney (3000 BC) to the Channel Islands (20th century). Do the island's memories, mythologies, rituals, and artifacts indicate a female authority?

The Wounded World: W. E. B. DuBoise and the First World War - Chad Williams (Picador)

The dramatic, well-researched account of DuBois's failed efforts to write the definitive history of Black participation in World War I.

House of Lillies: The House That Made Medieval France - Justine Firnhaber-Baker (Basic Books)

Recently published and already praised as "one of the most entertaining popular history books published in recent years," this articulate, well-researched story sets the exploits of the Capetian kings against the "fascinating, clever, and often destructive queens and consorts." Forget Game of Thrones.

A Gentleman from Japan: The Untold Story of an Incredible Journey from Asia to Queen Elizabeth's Court - Thomas Lockley (Hanover Square Press)

An enslaved, 15th-century Japanese man is trafficked to several countries and continents one of the many, forgotten stories on the margins of history.

Van Life: Culture, Vehicles, People, Places - Calum Creasey & Lauren Smith (Lannoo)

A comprehensive guide to the growing nomad culture that explores why people choose this alternative lifestyle, the process of designing and building a converted van, and special moments from the road. Featuring a variety of interviews and stunning photography.

Crayon Adventure - Alberto Lot (Odd Lot)

This activity book is full of unique and imaginative drawing prompts to encourage people of all ages to color outside the lines and would make a great vacation companion.

Sipsworth - Simon Van Booy (David Godine)

A wry, humane, character-driven story that is also a wonderful meditation on old age and hope.  Quite captivating.



The Last Tale of the Flower Bride - Roshani Chokshi (William Morrow)

This twisty, fairytale-inspired fantasy explores the dark side of love and friendship while leaving you to wonder what’s real and what’s just a story.



A Disappearance in Fiji - Nilima Rao (Soho Crime)

An atmospheric debut mystery set in Fiji (loved the unusual setting!) featuring a 25-year-old Indian police officer investigating a missing persons case in colonial Fiji.  The time period (1914) allows for great historical detail, and the reader is cheering for this intelligent detective to return to Hong Kong and escape the oppressive issues of colonialism.



So We Read On: How the Great Gatsby Came to Be and Why It Endures - Maureen Corrigan (Back Bay)

Here is an astute, articulate well-read critic discussing an American classic.  Who knew the history? Who knew the intricate structure of Gatsby? Who knew the wonderful Gatsby universe of readers?  This book is a treasure.