Atlas of Forgotten Places: Journeys to Abandoned and Deserted Destinations Around the Globe - Travis Elborough (Aurum)

The latest addition to the Unexpected Atlas series features strange places around the world and throughout time that have been forgotten by history. Accompanied by original maps and photography.

The Dress Diary - Kate Strasdin (Pegasus Books)

This NYT Book Review Editor's Choice is an extraordinary look at Victorian English life as told by a woman's long-lost fabric diary. Clothes make the era.

The Light of Battle - Michael Pradis (Mariner)

An articulate detailed look at Eisenhower and allied leaders as they constructed the command that led to the success of D-Day. Highly praised.

I Don't Want to Go Home: The Oral History of the Stone Pony - Nick Corasaniti (Harper)

Pregnant and grieving the loss of her grandmother, Ann returns home to her estranged mother and the dilapidated mansion she grew up in. A beautifully written story about three generations of Vietnamese women that explores the sometimes fraught relationships between mothers and daughters.

The Dress Diary: Secrets From a Victorian Woman's Wardrobe - Kate Strasdin (Pegasus Books)

Fashion historian and museum curator, Kate Strasdin, reveals the intricate life of Anne Sykes, a Victorian woman, who kept a scrapbook of fabric documenting her life.

The Britannias: An Archipelago's Tale - Alice Albina (Norton)

This autobiography, travelogue, history, geography, and feminist fantasy explores the storied British islands from Orkney (3000 BC) to the Channel Islands (20th century). Do the island's memories, mythologies, rituals, and artifacts indicate a female authority?

The Wounded World: W. E. B. DuBoise and the First World War - Chad Williams (Picador)

The dramatic, well-researched account of DuBois's failed efforts to write the definitive history of Black participation in World War I.

House of Lillies: The House That Made Medieval France - Justine Firnhaber-Baker (Basic Books)

Recently published and already praised as "one of the most entertaining popular history books published in recent years," this articulate, well-researched story sets the exploits of the Capetian kings against the "fascinating, clever, and often destructive queens and consorts." Forget Game of Thrones.

Van Life: Culture, Vehicles, People, Places - Calum Creasey & Lauren Smith (Lannoo)

A comprehensive guide to the growing nomad culture that explores why people choose this alternative lifestyle, the process of designing and building a converted van, and special moments from the road. Featuring a variety of interviews and stunning photography.

Parisian Days - Banine (Pushkin Press)

Banine (Umm-El-Banine Assadoulaeff), lived a colorful and eventful life (1905-1992) chronicled in 2 memoirs. Parisian Days (1947) concerns her life in Paris after escaping from Baku in the Russian Empire and her husband in Istanbul. Le Figaro described her as "... one of those personages of La vie romanesque who traverse a century, attracting like a lodestone all the singular figures of the times." This reprint is a welcome addition to Pushkin's list.