One Perfect Couple - Ruth Ware (Scout Press)

Ruth Ware’s latest novel features a competitive reality show set on a deserted island where couples compete for a cash prize. Everyone is already on edge after the first challenge and tensions only rise after a storm hits the island leaving them all stranded.

A Gentleman from Japan - Thomas Lockley (Hanover Square Press)

The forgotten story of the first Japanese man documented to set foot in North America and England. Full of piracy, worldly adventures, and cross-cultural musings.

A Real Lion Story - Krista Legge (Clavis)

A charmingly illustrated picture book about a stuffed lion who dares to adventure out into the wild to live like a real king.

The Situation Room - George Stephanopoulos (Grand Central Publising)

Former senior adviser to Bill Clinton, George Stephanopoulos, gives a behind-the-scenes look at what went down in the Situation Room during some of America’s most pivotal moments in recent history.

The Red Hotel - Alan Philips (Pegasus Books)

The Red Hotel recontextualizes the correspondence coming out of Russia during WWII by revealing Stalin’s control over the foreign journalists and their translators staying at the infamous Metropol Hotel.

Always Anthony - Terry Libenson (Harper)

#8 in the Emmie and Friends series, a bullying incident is told from two alternating points of view.

Long Island - Colm Toibin (Scribner)

Secrecy, misunderstanding and love for Eilis Lacey, the complex heroine of Toibin’s Brooklyn.

The Postcard - Anne Berest (Europa Editions)

For the first time in paperback, this multigenerational saga inspired by the author’s own life follows a Jewish family whose life has been upended by WWII. Decades later a mysterious postcard reveals a hidden history that will help her reconnect with her heritage.

Easy Paper Airplanes for Kids - Andrew Dewar (Tuttle Publishing)

Get crafty with this guide on how to fold and fly 12 unique paper airplanes that comes with a variety of custom paper designs and stickers.

Worry Lines: You're Doing Really Well Given the Circumstances - Worry Lines (Andrew McMeel Publishing)

This lighthearted collection of comics manages to put complex feelings into silly yet heartwarming doodles that will reassure you that you’re not perfect and that’s okay.