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Join us for an afternoon of refreshments, raffles prizes and freebies! Come and learn about how Appletree can help you in your classroom!

Meet local authors Terri Libenson and Brian P. Cleary!

Appletree Books offers educators:

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  • Ability to hand-select titles for your students
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Fall is a wonderful season, with plenty of natural beauty. There are Halloween parties and fall celebrations. Full of delicious smells and tastes, autumn is a wonderful time of year and one of the seasons most recognized by young children because of the changing colors of leaves. Autumn offers opportunities to learn across the curriculum, from understanding the science of how a pumpkin grows to counting the number of apples ripening in a tree. These resources offer a variety of ways to celebrate the season at the school with students and their families.
Keep in mind that these books are just a sampling of what we have on our shelves, and we are always more than happy to order anything you might need.

Fall and Halloween Books

Trip to the Pumpkin Farm

by Rebecca Elliott


Eva’s class cannot wait for their field trip to the pumpkin farm! Will they find the pumpkin in time for the holiday party… and also help a friend in need?  In this sweet fall story, Eva discovers that everyone has something to be thankful for!

Fall and Halloween Books

Amelia Fang and the Barbaric Ball

by Laura Ellen Anderson

(Delacorte Press, Penguin Random)

A hilarious illustrated middle-grade series for reluctant readers starring a vampire girl, Amelia Fang. Welcome to the world of Nocturnia, where darkness reigns supreme, glitter is terrifying, and unicorns are the stuff of nightmares!

Fall and Halloween Books

I’m Trying to Love Spiders

by Bethany Barton

(Puffin, Penguin Random)

I’m Trying to Love Spiders will help you see these amazing arachnids in a whole new light, from their awesomely excessive eight eyes to the seventy-five pounds of bugs a spider can eat in a single year! And you’re sure to feel better knowing you have a better chance of being struck by lightning than being fatally bit by a spider.

Fall and Halloween Books


by Lucy Ruth Cummins

(Atheneum, Simon & Schuster)

Poor little Stumpkin is a pumpkin who is missing his stem. Day after day he is passed over, and day after day he watches other pumpkins leave the market and become a jack o’ lantern in a nearby window. When Halloween arrives, he gives up hope of becoming a jack o’ lantern himself. But he discovers that there is a special place for everyone, including him.