The Bookbinder - Pip Williams (Ballantine)

From the author of Dictionary of Lost Words, a World War 1-era story of a young, somewhat scholarly woman who not only binds books at Oxford University Press but also dreams of attending Oxford. A moving, well-written tale of two sisters bound together by the loss of their mother and a very supportive close circle of friends. Loved it!



Bert and Mamie Take a Cruise - John Keyse Walker (Severn House)

OK, it's not an English mystery but it's great stuff from a NE Ohio author. A well-off American Ohio farm couple take a 1939 cruise around Africa on a German-flagged ocean line; they encounter murder, Nazis, British intelligence and numerous evocatively described exotic locales. Think Nick and Nora without as many cocktails but with as much banter!



Cicadas Sing of Summer Graves - Quinn Connor (Sourcebooks)

Lake Prosper is a hidden tourist destination in rural Arkansas, but underneath its surface lie long lost secrets. A haunting southern gothic filled with romance, mystery and magical realism.




Monstrilio - Gerardo Samano Cordova (Zando)

Put aside any logic or reason or sense of reality for this read; there is a little horror, but the strength and power of love and marriage are the forces driving this story. Magical realism in the Spanish style.